How can I show the client their information I have stored?

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How can I show the client their information I have stored?

It's very easy in Blesta to provide the client the information about them which is stored on your Blesta installation.

Simply go to Billing > Reports and select Json. Then select Client Data Portability.

We're using 384 for our example you can view it by going to the client's profile which looks something like:

The file you download will be what you pass to the client which looks something like this:

The MAIN information included in the file as-well as other things are as thus:

  • Client ID and Status, etc.
  • Contacts: The list of all the sub-contacts and the client contact on the account
  • Invoices: All the open and closed invoices.
  • log_users: All the IP addresses logged into the account.
  • services: All the active and cancelled services, etc.
  • transactions: All the transactions made on the account.

All this will be available unless you DELETE the account. To delete the account you will need to re-enter your password.

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