Make Blesta even more social!

BlestaForums has been in development since February 2018, with a passion to bring the community forums to Blesta.
However being busy with other things we've teamed up with CubeData, in a collaboration to bring it to life together. Finally the forums has arrived!


The BlestaForums allows you to turn Blesta
into your own business community.


The forums will allow you to reward your customers
for being active & participating.

Blesta Connect

The forums uses Blesta to manage accounts
Allow staff to provide support for services.

Finished the free trial?

Finished the free trial and ready to purchase a license? We have a plan for you...


Medium Business Holders
£ 5.50
  • Latest Version
  • Powered by "BlestaForums"
  • Host on your own server

Branded Owned

Large Business Holders
£ 100.00
  • 1yrs support of updates
  • Powered by "BlestaForums"
  • Host on your own server

Unbranded Owned

Large Business Holders
£ 150.00
  • 1yrs support of updates
  • No branding
  • Host on your own server

Popular features

Your Community

Want to create a corporate forum for your customers to connect with? Want a new way to offer support without submitting tickets? The BlestaForums is the plugin for you.

Create Threads

Allow your customers & employees post in certain forums / threads by limiting permissions. You can also hide forums from the public and we have much more planned!

User Profiles

All forum users have their own profile where they can show off their social networks and staff details.
Employees can see customer data and soon to be services.

14 Days Free Trial of BlestaForums

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