Make Blesta even more awesome!

We understand the need of having a Content Management System (CMS); with the BlestaCMS you can manage everything from the admin area,
let your customers remember your business website and not trying to remember how to log in.


The BlestaCMS allows you to translate pages
into different languages very easy.

Full customisation

BlestaCMS is 100% open-code
That gives you the freedom to make your website yours.

Company blog

BlestaCMS has a blog feature built in
no more wordpress updates.

Want Support / Updates?

We've now released the CMS as open-code, however for support and updates you will need a license.

Pro Leased

monthly and always updated
£2.00 first month
£ 6.00
  • Latest Version
  • No branding
  • Unlimited Support & Updates
  • Host on your own server

Pro Owned

Update when you want
£15 Support & updates loyalty price
£ 125.00
  • 2yrs support & updates
  • No branding
  • 2 years free then £25 per year
  • Host on your own server

Pro Lifetime

No more fees
Free customisation tips
£ 250.00
  • Latest Version
  • No branding
  • Unlimited Support & Updates
  • Host on your own server

Popular features

Make Blesta your website

Create unlimited pages for your website & even edit pages with a few clicks straight from your Blesta installation.
You can also add meta tags to help your website with SEO.

Custom navigation

Integrations can make Blesta look so much part of your website, but when you are making Blesta you're website you'll need a navigation for all your pages. The BlestaCMS helps with that.


The built in blog feature allows you to create articles to update your customers or even updates for your products.
Restrict articles to logged in customers, the public or both.

BlestaCMS base is free!

Pay only for support & updates...