Since the 9th of August 2019, I've been cancelling the old services (without terminating them) and re-creating them as Blesta Owned (un)branded (v1). This is because of my old module.

At Licensecart I had a module developed for me for my Blesta licenses, this however has broken in the recent versions of Blesta and PHP 7.2, so I've had to figure out an issue a client had. He came to me because he couldn't reissue his license; therefore I then found out my module was broken.

So since my new licenses use the official Blesta module itself, I thought it was best to make new services with this module and that ensures nothing will go wrong in the future and you can again re-issue your license. The "v1" means you was prior to new licenses just to make it easier for me and others in the future (if or when I can hire a small team).

I apologies deeply for this issue and I hope you understand this is for you my customers and you come first.