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Want a roadmap like ours?

We get asked this daily.... "What do you use for your roadmaps?". So I thought I'd write a blog post about what we use because we love it.

We use Plutio. It's created by Leo and he's done a great job with his team to make one of the best affordable tracking system I've came across personally. Most companies and busineses use Jira but they are expensive. <...

Expert Integrations now partners

Alcester, United Kingdom. January 26, 2018.

We're delighted to announce that we have partnered with Expert Integrations, a well-regarded billing system integration service provider. Accordingly, we have discontinued our Blesta integration service and customers will now be referred to Expert Integrations where we are confident they will recieve only the highest quality Blesta integration. Expert Integratio...

Date Added: 2018-01-26

Our seasonal opening times

Hey there,

I hope you are all having a great december so far, we've had some white snow around the UK and our area in Alcester so that was all fun and games. Hopefully that hasn't effected you as-well as us.

I've finally installed the annoucement plugin from Blesta-Addons and have finally added our seasonal opening times for Blesta.Store.

Last bit of 2017: https://blesta.stor...

Welcome to the Blesta.Store

Welcome to the new Blesta Distributor on the block, we may not be the cheapest vendor out there but we have the experience and knowledge many of the others don't have. That's what makes us different we've been using Blesta since 2013 following it around every turn, through the good and bad, and we pass that onto our customers.

Date Added: 2017-09-18