Blesta announcement

Migrate from WHMCS to Blesta today for £125!

As of yesterday we've heard the big news that WHMCS has decided to increase their prices up loads again and has removed their support and updates package for their owned licenses.


We know it's a hard time as it is yet alone having to pay more out, so we're going to be offering this for WHMCS customers, you can swap to Blesta for £125, we will need proof of purchase from WHMCS so your order will be manually approved. Contact us on Live chat and we'll push this faster as you can attach proof of purchase faster.  for only £125.00 one-time for a Blesta Owned Unbranded. Support and Updates $39 per year after or discounted if renewed on a recurring term.


We'll also install Blesta for you free of charge if you are having issues, we do require Apache / VPS  or cPanel / DirectAdmin access.


If you have any issues please don't hesitate to contact us or join the Blesta discord server:

Michael Dance
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