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BlestaCMS has new documentation

Finally I've been waiting for this moment for ages! Well okay some time anyway, what I wanted to do is make a better documentation website so my customers of the BlestaCMS Pro can make 1000% use out of the plugin.

The old documentation was very bland and it wasn't fully complete, I will keep it online however for a little while anyway, that can be found at:

I had a review a while back from a customer who said One suggestion is to add a bit more detailed documentation to the CMS, and I knew deep down I needed to improve the documentation, so after setting up our VPS environment for everything else I needed to work on this.


So today I'm proud to announce, the new home for the BlestaCMS Pro documentation is…! I have done a few articles already and I will be writing up more, in much detail as I can to ensure professionals and beginners can read and get the most out of the BlestaCMS Pro.


I'll be adding tips, hints and guides and much much more there; not just related to the BlestaCMS Pro but future plugins and I'll sort them accordingly. I love and their blogging system is perfect for this new home. No more HTML and the best thing in the world! No wordpress!!


So there you have it I hope you enjoy the new BlestaCMS Pro documentation and I hope you get the most out of our amazing product.

Michael Dance
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