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So it's mid-way between January and Blesta announces Blesta 5.0.0 a big release with a lot of changes, I decided to upgrade to Blesta 5.0.0-b2 and be the rebel I am. So I backed up the database and files, downloaded it and tried to upgrade.


I hit a snag with the upgrader tool because of un-existent plugins (I'm assuming from my previous add-on companies and testing and playing around in the past). Anyway I tried to re-store the database to which I failed. was now offline. This pushed forward my plans of moving from the reseller with Smallweb and going solo. SmallWeb are a great company and ran by a great owner, however Blesta store itself was 6GB (with downloads as-well), and the database was huge it couldn't import on DirectAdmin, so I went with it.


Bought 1 vps from because they use Blesta and were recommended to me. This was a dream, was almost restored however, we could only view the website via the IP, so I made a temp url for, Paul from Homegrown Technology recommended I use two VPS for name-servers, so I proceeded the next day with two more VPS's from Wishosting and I was stuck. Paul from Blesta helped me get the NS1 and NS2 working by showing me a tutorial online. This meant both name-servers were up and running and restored to the World Wide Web.


I bought a VPS in advanced however for the CDN for which provides our Images / css and to try and speed things up. But that's not really part of our story 😂.


On the 16th of January I got a final VPS so that's now 5 to's name to get Mailinabox up and running but I hit a few walls, I couldn't get the emails working on Blesta so customers could get a password reset, verify email and support tickets imported via email. So I tried my hardest and I just failed. I even had help from Sebastian who owns and I failed to get it working, however Sebastian gave me a few tutorials to get me to understand more how the Postfix and Dovecot operated and worked so I could help myself get to know it better.


I gave up and went to bed. After work on the 17th, I tried again but I still failed to get it working. I gave up and went to bed again. On the 18th, I decided to give it another go, and with Sebastian's help debugging and doing it all step by step ensuring I read everything over and over again, I managed to get it working!! 🤩

Never give up and always ask because there are people out there who are more experienced and willing to help you if you ask. I highly recommend Sebastian if you need any system admin work or for services because he really helped me get back to where we want to be.


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