Blesta release

Blesta 5.0.0 has been released!

The Blesta team have worked so hard on this version that it's taken about 200 hours to do the Bootstrap conversion alone, without upgrading all the library's that Blesta uses. Furthermore because of the updates to the libraries; Blesta now requires PHP 7.2 minimum by default. In our view however, everyone should be using at least PHP7.3 or PHP 7.4 by now.


Blesta 5.0.0 now has support for VAT Number verification for the EU countries, which makes life easier when it comes to taxation. Ever wanted to upload a logo to your client or admin area without editing the structure.pdt and theme style? Now you can with Blesta 5.0.0 you can simply upload the logo via Settings > Company > Look and Feel > Customisation. Life couldn't be easier.


Before Blesta 5.0.0 you had to use the BlestaCMS to have a custom menu for Blesta, but now you can use the new navigation feature to add and remove items from all the menus on Blesta. You can still use the BlestaCMS Pro menu however to have a different menu to Blesta's and keep it for just Blesta related links for customers.


Here are a few of the updates to Blesta 5.0 we believe you will enjoy:


  • Upgraded to Bootstrap v4, and Font Awesome v5.
  • Added a new Navigation Editor. Staff, Client, and Public navigation items can be sorted, added, or removed.
  • The Staff area was improved for mobile devices (For free with no extra costs).
  • Added support for VAT verification through VIES.
  • Added emoji support system-wide, updating the character set from utf8 to uttf8mb4.


Why not download the latest version today by visiting the Blesta download area here.

Michael Dance
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