Blesta beta

Blesta 5.0.0-b2 has been released.

After a long wait, Blesta 5.0.0-b2 has been released and this version has been something we've all been waiting for:


- Emoji support is finally here🤩. 

- Bootstrap 4 supported in the client area and admin area, which makes life so much better. 

- All the vendor directory has been upgraded and obsolete features removed. 

- You can now edit the Client / Admin menus which is great for removing that home and order history links for the public. 

- You can now re-order the order forms if you have more than one on /order/. 

And much much more, if you're a customer of or ourselves you can get the beta from the download manager, you just need to log in. 


To get it from ours Downloads > Blesta > Beta > 5.x >

It's not recommended to use in production, however we are rebels at and we're using it in action.

Michael Dance
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