Blesta update

Blesta 4.12.3 patch released

Blesta 4.12.3 has been released, this is a Patch version.


There are 9 fixes in this release:

  • CORE-4031 Order: Order history widget appears a little off after pagination.
  • CORE-4027 Order: hold_unverified_orders option not handled for 0 cost order.
  • CORE-4019 Order: Client order history displays ill-formatted pagination.
  • CORE-4018 System Status: File permission check will fail on parent directory .. if it is not owned by the same user.
  • CORE-4017 Client contact edit fail with email verification disabled.
  • CORE-4016 Uninstalling language error.
  • CORE-3977 NameSilo: Tld specific hidden fields are not auto populated.
  • CORE-3974 Invoice creation ignores currency precision.
  • CORE-3964 Queued email change fails when additional client fields are required.


You can download this version from the following urls:

Michael Dance
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